Who are we

Who are we


Storying is used as a generalising notion for characterising a whole bunch of works that are currently carried out within the BScE:

Storying characterises the performance of stories in a narrow as well as in a wider sense.
Stories are foremost present in the lore of literature for children and adults. This is why this blog features Hook’s Ghost, a regular contribution from the field of literary criticism.

Storying as a performance is enacted through the iTEO app which allows for the use of storying in multilingual language learning in Luxembourg’s multicultural classrooms.

Students create new stories of themselves and of others through their aesthetic biographies of which examples will be featured on a regular basis.

Storying is also key to the running of particular workshops in literacy to be held in local schools and at the university. Programmes will be regularly updated in this blog.


Le diplôme du Bachelor en Sciences de l’Education permet d’entrer dans le métier d’enseignant(e) de l’éducation précoce, de l’école fondamentale, du régime préparatoire et de l’éducation différenciée. Le BScE se déroule sur 4 années avec 240 ECTS en alternance entre la formation théorique et la formation pratique. Les langues d’enseignement sont le français, l’allemand, l’anglais et le luxembourgeois.